Clothing manufacturing


We at millionpiece beside of our own core business supplying Original outlet branded stock lots of clothing and apparel for international market with huge connection and sources we go beyond the need of our clients around the world

Every year so many new clothing and apparel brands are launched and enter into the market of fashion or there are many large clothes retailer’s shops that have many branches in their home, those kinds of cases usually need some factory to produce clothes and apparel or shoes for their brands

clothing factory 300x200 - Clothing manufacturing

Our professional team with experienced in operating these kinds of projects for clients around the world able to accept and do the production for European and American brands and other countries too

As we have long term business cooperation with more than tens of shoes, accessories, clothes and apparel factories in Asian and middle east we can handle the production of any kinds of clothes for any brands in Globe


Clothes and apparel Brand owner who want produce or expand their business can send their request to us for consultation to our team




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  1. Mohammad says:

    I am a medium buyer from India,Delhi. will you send me details,costing and landing price, brands, i am interested in Mixed lot

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