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If you are interested to work with us Kindly Read it before
    Where does your stuff come from?

    We have long term contract with many brands in Europe and outside, end of each season, goods are brought to our warehouse where it is being prepared for RE-export To our customer in United Arab Emirates Or Directly send to Their country From Europe

    What is the process of contract ?

    After paying 30% advance payment, the order is prepared. The remainder of the amount, prior to shipment. The invoice is sent along with the goods.

    What is the minimum order?

    Millionpiece selling large amount of resources, which is why our orders are a minimum quantity from 5000 to 10000+ pcs of single brand. (To provide a wide variety assortment of quantity is important).

    what is the best way to work with your company

    we as a supplier with extensive clothes brands the best way now we are working is contract based which is designed solution for each buyer needs

    What are the payment methods?

    We prefer two methods of payment. Cash, no more than 15,000 us$ or bank transfer

    What are the core competences of Millionpiece

    The basis of our activity is to supply clothing, cosmetics,households to outlet, shops, chain stores, online stores, and export to any buyer from Eu and Dubai to anywhere in world

    I’m very new and how to start merchandising business?

    Every day, every week and every month many people contact us and want to start some business in retailing like home based selling or opening shop or sell online it sounds good we helped many people around the world to open their shops and even big investor to do professional business like large outlet or to become wholesaler in their country,

    first you need perfect business plan includes:

    your target market: what kind of goods you want work on it (kids fashion, ladies fashion or men or mixed, only female accessories, like shoes bags. Etc. or households like kitchen and home appliance, Tools, and thousands of items to work

    Wholesaling or retailing: depends on your location and budgets you can make decision how you want work all have its own benefits but recommended individuals make shop and investor wholesaling

    types of sale: you want sale in store or online

    Estimated budget need to start: for beginner min budget you need 5.000 $ and wholesaler min 50.000$ these cost mines the store rents, decoration and staff etc.,


    I should order from Europe or Dubai?

    Firstly, We mainly export stock shoes, clothes, households, Accessories, cosmetics and etc, from Europe to any port in world with every seconds updated HOT Offer and millions of pieces Goods in Europe and our Warehouse Ready to export But in UAE warehouse we supply max 2 container per month for GCC countries and small customer to purchase Although we can provide more physical quantity but depend on Request which now increasing Too and we send more stuff in UAE warehouse

    Secondly, we have many customer which they want to receive their Order which usually is more than a container in Dubai Free zone then to re-export any port in MENA or GCC which we use our warehouse to this job TOO

    I need something special but I can’t find in your offers

    If you need some special brand that you cant find in our offers and you need quantity you can email what you are looking for we give best quote

    How to know when you have new OFFER

    we have million pieces of stock goods from accessories, clothes, underwear, apparel, households from hundreds top brands and first hand to offer our global customer to receive latest  offer please join our mail list through the form with your live email and check our promotions and offer in your mail once you register your email you will receive confirmation and thereafter you would see our offer daily

    Note: for the first time our offer will be in your promotion box kindly drag the first email to your primary mailbox

    How old are stocks?

    We take care of the stocks came from previous collections and that they are very fashionable and most update

    How long do I have to wait for the goods?

    Goods depending on the declared quantities may be received in several ways. Firstly, personal receiving, courier shipping and in the case of big order we organized forwarding company

    How do you prepare the goods?

    Every time when delivery come to us contains million pieces in pallet, the goods are subjected to segregation on the basis of a letter attached to the transport packing.

    How Do you approve your Items are authentic?

    we sale our items 100% authentic on request of buyer we can give indemnity letter in case items are fake can be returned

    Does your company has consignment sale term?

    sorry we don’t do consignment sale at all

    Can I come at any time?

    Yes If you want come to Dubai office you are Welcomed but we suggest you call ahead to determine the exact date. This is due to the fact that we want anyone to spend a lot of attention which entails time commitment and in Dubai Depend on physical availability

    Your Information will never be shared with any third party.