Tailored solution for BIG Client

Large customers, who own several large chain stores and need a constant supply of clothing, bags, shoes and accessories, or large importers that are themselves major distributors in the destination country
We execute accurate annual plans for these clients in accordance with specific laws and regulations, as purchasing such clients is a weekly requirement and requires very professional planning.
A prominent example of our clients in middle east. They require very sophisticated and professional programs that we are fortunate enough to have with a staff of over 300 personnel including sourcing mangers. Purchase manager. Cargoes and Shipping. We are responsible for checking goods and sorting in Europe, Asia, UAE, etc.

Because large and professional buyers need multiple suppliers, all items for all age and sex groups must be provided on a regular basis, and the store authorities are concerned about where to go and how to buy and all these responsibilities and stresses. It is up to the supplier to be us

Large and professional buyers who require a wide range of clothing and footwear must be professionally planned according to schedule and then executed because the available goods In Dubai, warehouses are random, lacking a wide range of professional and taken by medium-sized customers, such as boutiques, small shops, etc.

High volume buyers usually specialize in looking for specific items such as only sports branded shoes or just importing cosmetics from major brands and only seeking professional imports from a particular brand, such as customers who buy between 50,000 and 100,000 per month. Like Zara and bershka mango LPP etc. for wholesale or for retail

We invite all companies that own large chains retailers or distributors who require a constant supply of all kinds of apparel including clothes and accessories, shoes, and that they must be supplied from a predetermined schedule Contact for meeting