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The business of outlet or multi brand is one of the fastest growing business model in the world and every year more entrepreneur and investor tend to become multi brand retailer in fashion mostly, or in other business like multi brand car showroom or home furniture, or other things one of the biggest benefits of running outlet business is you have whatever consumer need in one place this is extremely effective on high sale, that is why since 2010 outlet business specially fashion outlet is becoming hot business in whole world and its growing so fast aside from establishing a shop and managing the shop is always challenging but you will get lots of benefits from it

But one the most challenging part of any outlet is what to have or what to buy for new outlet concept this the question thousands of people asked us through email and whatsapp in these years, launching an outlet shop for clothing is not so difficult but purchasing right stuff for shop is the most challenging part of this business that we are facing more than 20 years, because we supplied million pieces of clothes shoes accessories to thousand buyers importers distributes around the globe so we know exactly what is need what is on demand and what is trend yearly monthly and daily

We just not simply supplied and go, NO!!!, we also helped many investor, entrepreneur or beginners how to run their outlet and what to buy for their outlet to get succeeds in fastest way, Our group with more than 20 years in souring, supplying purchasing and retail and wholesale managing plus designing and running hundreds of outlets in the world we know what end-consumers need the last decision maker is always consumer buy or not to buy your merchandise


What we do for new beginner outlet owner


We with two decades of experience and working with thousands of fashion outlet branches we have professional analyze and report of what sold what get stuck, in 2015 we decided to design a special business plan for outlet owner what to buy to get everything and sale it fast and easy without hassle, It took 4 years to design a special plan for all outlet owners and new beginners to run their outlet in shortest time with best result

With 4 years nonstop hard working planning flying to 30+ countries and make meeting with 1000 suppliers and contracting with CEOs and brands owner finally our expert group could create best unique and dedicated plan and then MEGAMIX was born in 2018

What is it MEGAMIX

MEGAMIX is exactly what all outlets owner dreams to have for their outlet shop MEGAMIX is consist of hundred brands for kid’s men and women


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  1. Rachel Morallos says:

    Hi, I want to start up a small business. Can u help me out? Im looking for a person or company that sells branded clothing at low prices like factory overruns or mall pulled out items? Thank you

  2. Ajay Bhandari says:

    Hello i am small clothing store and i like your products .can u help me to buy stuff from u in decent quantity.i need men branded clothes i can buy firstly bitween 2500$ to 5000$ for starting then after if its goes well then i can buy bigger quantity.thanks i am from india punjan i also wanna start wholesale business .
    Ajay Bhandari

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