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Branded clothing

The brands and outfits of the day with the latest model created an indescribable excitement among the applicants, so that some, too, did not have a proper financial position, they were buying into branded clothes for the brand, and they were willing to wear Others borrow. The initial excitement of the presence of foreign brands in the apparel market in the world has put a lot of profit on the suppliers, with most of them thinking of increasing the number of their branches. In the meantime, there have been more successful suppliers offering branded clothing to the market. Brand clothing should be fashionable and also made of the finest quality of the original goods.

The main market of branded clothing

Of course, some of these brands have little dealings around the world, and perhaps they can do it through smuggling to bring their goods to some countries. Even the dare to say that only the companies that survived the global economic crisis survived in the high-end markets of the Middle East and East Asia, as the people of the Third World and developing countries are heavily worried about clothing and clothing. As foreign brands in industrialized countries and the Americas are currently causing losses, they have been pushing for the profits from selling their products in the Middle East. Of course, the East Asian countries, in addition to their lucrative and growing market, have been able to help the need for cheap low-cost brands, which is why more than half of the products in these brands are in China, and the owners of the capital are trying to make the rest Transferring their production line to China.

Studies show that the prices that are announced in a brand shop or representation of clothing brands are completely different from what they sell on a site as a sales representative, and in some cases it exceeds 100%. In the following, we will examine the famous clothing brands in Dubai and the most important brand of clothing suppliers in Dubai.


This Italian brand was founded in 1965 by members of the Benton family. Currently, the company has built close to 7,000 sales centers in more than 120 countries. Benton, which produces most of its products in China, among which there are several factories in Italy, few of these Italian factories produce to the world market, and the Chinese continue to show that branded products can have a significant presence Have. The same difference in the place of production has caused an illegal difference in price. So that clothes and shoes produced in China are sold at an average $ 3 lower than Italian products. Although there is no difference between clothing produced in China and Italy, even the Benton site strongly emphasizes that there is no difference between Chinese and Italian products in terms of quality and price, but what’s happening in the world market is with the site’s news Totally different. For example, ordinary linen can be found at prices between $ 33 and $ 80 on Benton, but the same ordinary shoes start with the same serial number starting at $ 11, and prices rise to $ 22 astronomically.

Of course, shoes with different technology and materials can be found at $ 300 or even $ 400. While the same shoes on the Benton site are priced for sale in popular markets between $ 200 or $ 250. This increase is several percent while there is no monitoring of the performance of these dealers, and what is happening in the global market is completely different from Benton’s pricing. The difference is that buyers of these products should be compensated. Of course, this difference will continue in other products. For example, a Benton Blues, with a price difference of $ 3 with the numbers announced on the site for sale on the global market, are sticking to the dealership. But this difference in the price of sportswear is less visible. In the women’s clothing sector, the debate is more and more different. Because of the legal restrictions on the entry of women’s clothing, these dealers are only allowed to import some of their limited products into Islamic countries, which are also subject to vigorous oversight by the garment association. But in the men’s clothing section, the discussion is being pursued in a different way, and in this section the story of the shoe sections is repeated, and the price difference of the figures available on the site with what is sold at the dealings regrets many people buying these products. Men’s shirts cost $ 50 to $ 70 in some passages, with the same serial number sold for $ 40 to $ 80.


Adidas is one of the world’s largest sporting goods manufacturing companies, which has included several other brands like Reebok, Taylor Mead, and Max Fleece. The company is the second largest manufacturer of sportswear in the world, with revenue of more than € 10 billion in 2009, and more than 40,000 employees at this big company. This brand, like Benton, has several agencies around the world. Finding Adidas products with the Reebok brand is easy, of course, but this difference has a great impact on the price of the products.

Adidas, like other brands, has offered a variety of prices for its dealership, which can be found on the site. As with other companies, the company considers its products to be a serial number that can be found on the Adidas website at a global level. But Adidas dealers such as Benton sell their products at multiple times because of lack of strong price controls. For example, if you look at the Adidas site, the socks of this company will be sold at a maximum price of $ 8 or $ 9, but in the hypermarket show, socks with Mark Adidas can be found for $ 40. This situation continues with wool hats. Of course, what makes the Adidas brand in the world is its shoes, which is below $ 110 cannot be found on the dealership if the same serial number for sale in the world is declared at 40 to 80 dollars. Sportswear with the names of famous athletes also costs $ 30, with the average price in the world’s stores being $ 50. Of course, the most active brands in the world are struggling to become expensive in the shoes and linen area.

D & G

D & G is one of the renowned brands in the field of fashion and design of day clothes, its main location in Italy. D & G stands for Dolce and Gabbana, a fashion house in the city of Italy. The company was first established in 1985 by two designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who also had a romantic relationship in addition to their business relationship. Let’s not go too fast and say a little bit about the foundations of the brand. Domenico Dolce began his design career at his father’s clothing factory in Palermo. Gradually began a design study and moved to Milan after a while and was designed in an assistant manufacturing workshop in 1980. At the same time, dolce became acquainted with Stefano Gabbana, Venice. Gabbana began her fashion design work after starting her graphic design. The D & G brand is Italian, and despite the fact that Italia has its rivals, such as Armani and Versace, in the same country, it has been able to succeed throughout these years in all areas of its business and is popular with a wide range of people. One of the most famous and famous products of this company and its brands can be mentioned.


German company Puma has been active in designing, producing and selling sports shoes since 1948. Puma is currently one of the largest manufacturer of footwear, apparel and sports equipment. The company has become a joint stock company since 1986. Puma is a subsidiary of the French company Kering. The company’s headquarters is located in Bavaria, Germany, and currently has more than 10,000 employees at official dealerships in 120 countries.

The brothers Rudolph and Adolf Dassler began work in 1924 with the Dassler brother’s factory in the city of Herzogenaurach, Germany. The Dassler athletes won the Olympic Games in Amsterdam 1928 and the Berlin Olympics in 1936, won seven gold medals and five bronze medals globally. He also defeated five Olympic records in the World Cup.

In 1948, the assets of the Dasler Brothers Shoe Factory were divided between two brothers. Adolfo Adidas and Rudolph founded the Puma Shoes Factory Rudolf Dassler. The popularity of Dassler shoes between runners can be one of the reasons for choosing the name of an American crutch for this brand.

In 1998, in collaboration with a well-known designer, Puma, the Jil Sander was the first sports brand to integrate fashion and sports. In this merger, King’s soccer shoes, as well as Easy Rider running shoes as Behrooz’s non-jogging and snorkeling versions were presented. From the combination of a wiggering shoe from the 80’s and the Sprintspike model since 1968, the Mostro model was produced. In 1999, this product had a nail pattern with stitched and stitched stitches that attracted the attention of many artists.

List of Dubai Shopping Centers

These Dubai shopping centers are not the only place to buy, but there’s a special shopping center culture that has made it a place to meet, eat and warm with others. Many shopping malls offer amusement and people from all ages can spend their time there. Recent changes to the law have led to a ban on smoking in all Dubai shopping centers (and some Dubai shopping malls), which has been widely welcomed in the city. Shopping centers, with different brands, provide buyers with a passionate product to attract the attention of the flood population.

Emirates Shopping Center

It has an unrivaled point of sale, including a group theater and the largest ski resort, making it one of Dubai’s most crowded places. Deira City Center is an old venue, and it is still popular due to its excellent stores, large multi-storey cinema and the diversity of grocery stores. Wafi City and on the market of boutiques of famous designer brands.

By opening boutiques with famous brands in 2008, the Dubai Mall will soon become the world’s largest purchasing center. Of course everything in the UAE is moving fast, so this record will soon be available to the Arabian shopping center In 2009, as part of Dubai Land, which has more than 1000 stores and car park locations. Special events during the Dubai shopping festival and Dubai Summer and Ramadan wonders with fun for children and special services are held in stores. The culmination of shopping was often that the centers had enough parking space to arrive at the end of the week. Many have a taxi and many others are available on the Bus routes.

Burj Dubai, Dubai Shopping Center

Buriman is one of the most important Dubai Dubai shopping centers, and has always been known for its combination of high-street designers and brands that bring professional buyers to Dubai shopping centers. An important feature that brings to our liking One of Dubai’s most important shopping centers is that it has smaller stores. There are many famous brands, as well as some of the Fitness First with a swimming pool.

Dubai City Festival Shopping Center

The Dubai City Festival itself is a city in the city, a 13-acre shopping and entertainment spot, and is located a short distance from the airport, three kilometers from the creek. When completed, the center will provide 600 retail stores (including 25 major stores) and 100 restaurants with up to 40 dining options available. With five hotels along with more than 2,500 rooms, as well as residential suites, there are several houses and schools available if you plan to stay for a long time. For retailers, the Power Center is the world’s first shopping complex to retake Dubai’s shopping malls.

Deira City Shopping Center

The center, which is a large part of Dubai’s shopping mall, is a good place to feel the multinational nature of the city. Deira City Center is popular among residents and visitors alike especially at the end of the week. The three floors feature a full range of stores, where you can find Persian carpet postcards among them. There is a cinema, a children’s recreation center, a jewelry center, a fabric and a piece of furniture, local gifts and souvenirs.

Dubai Central Mortgage Center

With over 90 stores, restaurants, cinemas and coffee shops, the largest shopping mall in Jumeirah is among Dubai shopping centers in Jumeirah. While driving on the Jumeirah Beach, you will see the architecture of the Renaissance Citroat architecture, and when you enter it you will create a natural light with a huge glass ceiling and exacerbate the Mediterranean feel. The center is sponsored by Spinneys. It has a laundry room, a photographic studio, a music store, a large Virgin Megastore (with a book section) and a new Gap store that has been replaced by the Home Center.

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