Clothing line

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Clothing line

Perhaps one of the dreamy aspirations of any person is to set up a clothing line. To succeed in this, you need to learn how to set up a business, market your products, and keep your customers happy. Here are some of the basics for launching the clothing line.

Initial steps in launching a garment production line

Create a comprehensive, clear business plan. Your business plan should specify how to manage the garment production line. Try to be realistic when making this plan. Remember, it’s better to get a little profit and be surprised to overestimate your abilities and disappoint. Think about these aspects in particular:

Take a brief note of your company’s mission and future plans, as well as a way to attract potential investors. Usually all businesses, especially for the production of clothing, often need external help. Also, the description of your company shows people what the clothing line is and what’s your difference with your rivals, and on which markets you want to get a stable place.

Put the expected funding for your company high on top. Your budget is the vital force of your company at an early stage. Even if you do not have external resources yet, it is important to collect your financial resources. Here are some things you should know to get started:

How much money do you need to launch a garment production line? Have you saved money for this job, or do you need a bank loan? Consider a type of loan to start your business. You may need collateral to get a loan. In the following, browse for a list of all your projected costs (material, production, supplies, equipment, advertising, marketing, overhead, etc.). Add these costs to your startup business for one year. Does your existing income compensate for these costs?

Imagine how long you can work without pay. Do you want to do this all the time? If so, how many years can you wait for your company to start profiting and you have the opportunity to make a profit? Or maybe you want to look at this as a second job? Try to measure your level of conflict. At the same time, there is no guarantee of profit in the first year of the establishment of the company, unless you are extremely lucky. You probably will spend more money on making money for the first four seasons (one year). However, when your company is founded, you may be able to increase your income with the help of investors, celebrities and pre-orders.

Determine basic issues

Do you need to hire people to help your clothing line? Determine what kind of help you need and how many hours per week you need to pay and how much salary you can pay for it. If your production is at the boutique level, you may be able to do all the cutting and sewing steps yourself. If you plan to work at a larger level, you will certainly need help with the production of clothing. Do you want to make your clothes locally? Or organic? Want to get them out of the country with less money and lower quality? These questions affect the people you want to hire.

Make your own brand. Now it’s time to make beautiful aesthetic decisions! How do you choose your brand to be well known to people who are connected to your clothing line? Therefore, it is necessary to choose your brand wisely. Use a unique and elegant name for your clothing brand, which is to name a lot of clothes and you own a brand of fashion apparel and apparel.

Try to design a cool logo for your brand wearing this beautiful fashion logo on your fashion dress. Your logo must specify the brand name of the dress.

Making clothes

Design your clothes. This is the most entertaining part for many people. Create your own designs, get feedback, and decide which of them will form your first collection. Choose fabrics and materials that are affordable and affordable. Ask anyone who has a clothing product line to ask if there are limits to the production of clothing, for example, they may not be able to print certain colors.

Design a collection of branded clothing and fashion suits according to the season. The collections are usually seasonally designed. Most major stores will buy at least two seasons, while smaller stores will buy one or two seasons. You will need time to design, produce and deliver your clothes. Make plans. Bring your designs to a tailor or manufacturer. Create an example to make sure your clothes are produced as you would like.

Find your manufacturers. Do a search on the Internet for “garment manufacturers” or “clothing design”? There are also online platforms that help fashion brands communicate with manufacturers. Many people use clothing manufacturers overseas because they cost less. Remember that many overseas manufacturers only produce large quantities, so ask questions before starting work on minima. Another way to find the right manufacturers is through the trade fairs. In these exhibitions, you can talk to manufacturers and this is very important.

Marketing and sales of garment production line

Create a website to upgrade your clothing line. Make sure your website looks very professional and shows you the best possible outfit. Place your contact information on the website for items that stores or other merchants want to contact you. If you want people to be able to buy clothes from your website, you need to set up a shopping cart and trading account for your site, so buying and paying with credit cards will be possible from your site.

Communicating with other websites and blogs can attract attention to your brand and site. This includes selling your clothes through auction sites and crafts. Promote your product line. Write a press release and send it to local newspapers and magazines. Publish ads in articles and websites that target your contacts.

Identify the audience

The best way to market your brand is to first determine who is going to buy your product. There is a large number of apparel manufacturers who do not know who is going to buy their products. The first question in the marketing of the clothing line is to know what your target market is? For example, the target market for a fishing tackle maker is not one with the target market of a sportswear manufacturer. The target market is said to be a group of customers based on marketing actions and, consequently, of commodity production. A proper and comprehensive definition of the target market is the basis for a marketing strategy outline.

Consequently, there is no doubt that at first the target market should be identified, what age group they are and whether they are both male or female, or both, what activities or activities they are doing, which tendencies are quickly absorbed, how long It tries to accept a style and style, whether they are willing to spend a lot of money or prefer to pay less, recently bought what stores, and so on. These are all questions that you must answer when you create and promote your own clothing brand. Whether you have identified a specific market in your mind does not necessarily mean that your clothing line is always working properly. But it changes over time as you progress and become older.

Market research

Investigate and investigate again! Do not sell your product, but know it. In order to know your product, you must first learn about that. There are a lot of options available for printing, and you should not restrict yourself to a particular style without making the slightest change, just because you have not spent too much time and energy to get more creative options that give you different results. Check it out. It’s time to learn all the available screen sizes (standard, larger than the size, etc.), how much water and ink on different t-shirts produce different results, available t-shirts and fabric combinations, each of them, Specialized services such as clothing tags and so on. Everything from design to printing, and finally how it reaches your customers, all of which is one of the things you need to know about it. Be the first to back up your brand by knowing exactly what your customers are offering. But keep in mind that they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and they wear these clothes everywhere. Today’s decision is very important for today and in the future.

Identify costs

The first point is that clothes may be expensive, but they may be cheap too. But this goes back to the initial research that you did. Find out, based on the initial investment you made, which t-shirts are, for example, more affordable. If you have a budget limit, you do not need to start from the very beginning. Slow down slowly. At the same time, you want to deliver a quality product, so do not enter the market with a low-quality product and do not drop your high quality just because they are cheaper. People do not wear them. If anyone does not wear them, who can recognize it?

Decide at what price you want to sell your product. Keep in mind: How much have you spent on each product? Do you profit or at all harm? So, get to know your audience, estimate their budget, research what another manufacturer will offer and decide on the product.

Brand clothing production

Understanding how to start a successful production line does not mean that you are only going to sell a t-shirt or a shirt. This means selling multiple products. Consequently, create an option for your customers and realize that everyone does not like to wear a uniform. This allows you to find out what designs or colors are being sold faster than other products. This is in your favor because you do not produce more orders from a product. It also gives you the chance to change designs. In fact, you have to produce a brand of clothing or fashion outfit to be more successful on this path.

Select a sales market

There are many ways to sell products. Sales may be online, in stores or both. But remember your target market. People who shop online do not buy online, and vice versa. Make sure your product is well displayed everywhere you decide to sell. People buy the design, not the name of the design. So be sure to be visible, plus size and price. Keep in mind that you want to focus on brand and product.

A Few Simple Tips to Identify Branded Clothing

This is the 21st century, the age of information technology and globalization, material and consumption. People are trying to create millions of dollars that can live luxuriously. Having the products produced by the luxury brands is a symbol of the top floor and the situation in such a society, since the price of the products of these brands in their catalogs is extremely expensive, one of whose appliances is such a wealth is considered rich.

In world, due to the large volume of smuggling, there has always been a problem of the principle or counterfeit of goods. This is especially true for popular brands, and due to the tireless efforts of Asian friends and of course domestic, it is almost impossible to distinguish between origin and counterfeiting. Of course, because of the lack of representation of many stores, you are officially told that the gender is not the original and, as their own copy is. But some brands are represented in world and their main products enter the country. For these brands, vendors try to convince you, for a variety of reasons, to sell the original gender.

Outside of the talk of falsehood or the truth of your words, you can recognize the correct seller by learning a few simple things without additional discussion. So we went to some famous brands in world, and we found the secret of determining the sex of the fake counterfeit money so that you do not waste your money and do not pose the problem of counterfeit sex at the company. Of course, you should note that according to the new customs regulations, smuggling is decreasing, especially in the clothing sector, and you will probably be less likely to see these fake sexes in the next few years.

Baleno brand is an Italian brand that was founded in 1981 in Hong Kong and operates in Asia and the Middle East. The brand deals with the production of women’s clothing, men’s clothing and children’s clothing. With its successful clothing and marketing strategies, Baleno has rapidly expanded its customer base in Asia. Baleno understood well that having a brand and a cover style cannot cover the tastes and desires of all customers, which means that Baleno has several brands in his collection with different clothing styles. Currently, Baleno manages nearly 5,000 stores in various markets in Asia, the Middle East, including Iran, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and several other countries. Today, the Baleno Group has established more than 10 brands in different countries.

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