dubai the best trade hub for Africa market

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Dubai the best trade hub for Africa market


The African continent is in three directions accessible through sea routes. These sea routes are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Great Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The most important route that can be reached through the sea routes to the African continent is through the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. There are many gulfs along the shores of the Arabian and African regions, as well as high-rise commercial seaports. One way to reach the African continent is through Dubai. Dubai is considered one of the world’s largest trading partners, with most of the manufacturers and suppliers of clothing, food, home appliances and so on in the country. Through these dealers, they ship the equipment to the rest of the world. In the following, you will see the items sent to other parts of the world, especially Africa, through commercial ports of the United Arab Emirates.


The most important African business centers

South Africa is rich in terms of cultural heritage, traditions, religious rituals and cooking. When visiting this land, you definitely would like to enjoy some native cultures, fashion, food and hobbies.

With recent developments and the reopening of several large shopping malls, there are changes in the lifestyle of the region. You can visit these centers with luxury and magnificent space stores for an exciting shopping experience. In the following, we will introduce you 10 top-notch attractions in South Africa, which will love cuisine, cinema, entertainment, fashion, and more.


  1. Victoria Pier and Alfred

The Victoria and Alfred Harbor pride itself as the sole destination of South Africa among the world’s three top destinations for the World Tourism and Travel Council’s Tourism for Tomorrow (WTTC) prize. This shopping mall is located at the bottom of Mount Tilbe and is at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, and houses magnificent, international shops. Bridal brands from all over the world are here to visit, and cinemas, coffee shops, museums, outdoor activities and pleasure boats are among the other things the site has provided for its visitors.


There is free Wi-Fi in the area and you can learn something in the summer classes or eat in the lush restaurants. Other options include eating while browsing and watching the unobtrusive ocean and the mountainside view that surrounds you, as well as the Zaiss Museum, the Silo Hotel and a luxury cruise terminal where you can easily see the magnificent ocean views.

Sandton City

Sandton City is a shopping mall located in Sandton, Johannesburg, which was reopened in 1973. This huge shopping mall is known as one of South Africa’s most luxurious shopping malls. Where you can enjoy amazing cultures and beautiful, luxurious and expensive clothes. A wide range of international brands and native fashion brands like Louisville, Gucci, Armenian, Mont Blanc, Cartier, Fendi and Lockost are at the center. The popular Kurt Sandton Foods is popular locally for lunch or social gatherings, and has a high quality restaurant and bar serving a variety of foods and drinks that fit all tastes. In this city you will experience the African-international environment

Gateway shopping mall

The Goethe Shopping Center was announced in 2014 and 2015 as the best shopping mall in your Choice Awards at Daily News. The shopping center is located in Ommelanga Ridge, north of Durban, in Kavasolonatal, and opened in 2001. This large shopping mall has several international retail stores, with more than 2 million viewers each month. The facility is designed on the basis of a similar American sample and Edmonton Shopping Center, and is one of the most fantastic destinations for entertainment, entertainment and food. With over 400 shops, 90 exciting restaurants and entertainments, consisting of 18 cinemas, 3D cinema houses and venues such as bowling, carting, and more … will be a great time for you

Wake Channel

The Canal Whak is the third largest African shopping mall located in Cape Town, South Africa, which was reopened in 2000. The center is the heart of a multifunctional development called Centre City, which consists of office blocks, residential areas and a theme park. The shopping center has more than 400 shops, 7,000 park locations, numerous restaurants and 20 cinemas. The Wok Channel offers you the most consistent and convincing shopping experience in South Africa, with the largest selection of specialized shops in the Southern Hemisphere. The leading international brands are here. The main part of this shopping center is its large entertainment area with huge screens, restaurants and amazing cafes around a magnificent waterfront with spectacular views of the canal and Mount Tilbe

Cape Quartet

The Cape Quartet Shopping Center is located in the heart of Dovertown, Cape Town. This shopping mall is an ideal destination for fashion, beauty, food, restaurant, antiques, art, books, furnishings and interior decor in the city. Shopping in Cape Quartetra will be an unrivaled experience with over 100 unmatched shops and excellent restaurants. You can enjoy a variety of delicious drinks at multiple bars or explore the art galleries and find the old artwork tailored to your taste. You can visit Empero Leone, a deluxe dish specializing in Italian biscuits, Italian cakes and desserts, and for those most concerned about health, relaxation and relaxation at the Hilton Hydroponics Center, a global health center We suggest

Mel Rose Arch

Mel Rose Arch is located in Johannesburg. Here is a large and modern shopping mall full of entertainment and activities. Here you can see a city in another city, a city that has offices, retailers, residential areas and leisure facilities. Residents can live, dine, or work on the fringes of the contemporary boundaries of Mel Rose Arch. There are shopping and fashionable shops with amazing restaurants around the piazza. There is also an open-air and theater opera house, as well as music festivals and events along with famous celebrities, sports stars and internationally renowned chefs. The five star Mel Rose Arch hotel, which attracts foreign and domestic visitors, is also located in this place.

Cavendish Square

This shopping mall is located in Claremont and is one of Cape Town’s most luxurious shopping malls. There are more than 250 shops here, including clothing shops, camping and outfitting, computer accessories, home appliances, shoe store, accessories and more. In addition, 16 super modern cinemas and 20 restaurants and coffee shops are offered to visitors by offering a range of foods, from fast food to unique and all-inclusive cuisine. The shopping malls peak in December, when a gigantic Christmas tree is installed at multi-story floors, which will be very worthwhile. After your purchase, you can relax in one of the coffee shops or watch a movie in one of the cinemas

Forvoys Mine

The Frouz Mall is home to 170 shops, 50 of which are specifically designed for fashion and fashion. The center, which is located in the prestigious Fortune City area near the famous Monte Cassino entertainment complex, is equally popular among international visitors and people in the area. Here is the reputation of fashion and fashion stores. Among the 50 exclusive stores in this category, you can find boutique shoes, high quality clothing stores and a good selection of native and international brands. Along with fashion shops and jewelry stores, there are branches from the best-known chain stores in the country, such as Wolverth, Edgarz, Checkers Hyper, and more. There should also be a wide range of shops specifically dedicated to the sale of certain goods. In addition to all of these facilities, the bank, currency exchange converters, travel agencies, a pharmacy, optometrists, hairdressers, etc. are also considered to meet the needs of visitors more.

Riverside Property

Riverside Shopping Center is the largest shopping and entertainment center in the province of Ampomalanga. The shopping center on the road to White River is a great stop to meet all the needs of the visitors traveling to Kruger National Park. Riverside has been rewarded for four consecutive years for fruitful activities in the field of economic growth and development in the region. About 630,000 people visit this shopping center every month. There are more than 140 shops, 15 restaurants and coffee shops and cinemas, and you can find shops that offer major shopping centers in major cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Pavilion is a large shopping mall located in West Palm Beach in Durban, one of the largest in Durban. The shopping center attracts around 1.8 million people a month and has 230 stores, 40 restaurants and 14 jewelry stores, and has areas for entertainment such as skating and bowling. In addition, 12 cinemas hosting film festivals and the latest films of the day are also featured. Popular South African restaurants, such as the U.S. Basket or the Pyatian Premium, can be found at the Café Guitano for sweet and delicious sweets. In general, whether your goal is to get away from Durban’s hot summer sun or want to watch Hollywood movies, the Pavilion is the perfect destination for you.


Export to Africa

Although mutual trust in trade is important, international instruments, especially in African countries, have robust and courteous documents, and court-ordered contracts not only facilitate peace and maintain business relationships, but also act as a barrier to the elimination of risks. It is likely that there will be a major concern for the exporters. In the international and international trade exchanges, there is no Arab trust and promise from the local community. Even with an optimistic view, if oral management changes, the contracts will be forgotten. Therefore, always relying on solid evidence is the best policy of an exporter. The exporter should not only be willing to spend on the purchase request and ignore the essential and necessary aspects of trading and maintaining capital and property. Friendly and appealing encounters are worthwhile, but getting valid and valid documents is more important.


The most common and only legal way to export to Ethiopia is by opening a credit. In this method, the buyer first requests the profile. And the vendor will issue it. This profile contains the following information:

– The name of the buyer company with its exact address

– Issue and date

– Packing type

– Delivery term from time of receipt LC

– The duration of the validity of my profile

– The name of the seller’s bank and its address in the seller’s country to send the LC

– Signing up under ProProm

The buyer of the goods after the receipt of the proverb by contacting the bank of his account about the opening of credit, then the bank after the completion of the stages of opening the seller’s credit, declares to the address stated in the preformed, at this time the seller sends the goods. Then, by submitting the necessary documents to your bank, the seller will receive the LC.

If the goods are shipped by air, one third of the cost and if it is by sea, the full cost will be added to the price of the Invoice, and after adding the insurance cost to it, will be calculated for the item, for example, if the imported goods cost $ 100, and the shipping fee It costs $ 10 and its insurance is $ 10. CIF will cost $ 120 for calculations.

Ethiopia has a lot of backgrounds for exporting our technical and engineering services to our country. It receives hundreds of millions of dollars of international direct aid annually as one of the largest recipients of international aid and assistance on the African continent. These resources are used by international oversight to implement various development projects in the country. Due to the lack and weakness of consulting and construction companies and the lack of infrastructure, and especially the capacity to accept and attract specialized resources, major engineering and engineering projects are often carried out by foreign companies.


The required credits for most projects in some cases by banks and international financial institutions and, in some cases, tenders, should be provided through foreign companies.

According to the source of the project costs, Iranian companies can participate independently in a number of these tenders. In others, due to the fact that Iran does not have any membership in the project financing institutions, the African Development Bank, the European Union, and so on, should consider other measures, including partnership with a local company.

In this regard, in order to provide the necessary conditions and to support Iranian companies in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s embassy in Addis Ababa, the Tenders will be announced promptly to the relevant authorities, including the Trade Development and Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of worlds.


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