Top garments manufacturers in the world

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Some of the most famous clothing manufacturers in the world 


Nike: Nike’s Swoosh logo design was designed by Carolyn Davidson in 1971. Davidson was not just a designer, but he put the name of the Nike instead of the sixth. Designer of some of the world’s most prominent brands, Paul Rand said: The complexity of the Nike brand is its simplicity; the two simple strings that allow you to make progress on all things. The Nike company’s logo is, at the same time, very complicated. The angle between the two lines and the curve can mean simplicity and complexity at the same time. The simplicity of the two lines and the complexity of the angle, or, in other words, the contrast of simplicity and complexity, make the company’s products more beautiful. The company depicts how it works on its logo. That is, the original color of the logo of the company is two-color black and white (black and white background), which again represents some kind of contradictions that make beauty.

Levies: The first jeans manufacturer in the world. The company became famous with these plants worldwide. In the company’s logo, two horses are moving in opposite directions, connected by jeans. In fact, it can be concluded that the purpose of designing these pants among these two horses was to advertise these trousers in the east and west, and the whole world, which was successfully met. The company is not the only manufacturer of jeans, but also other clothing. The use of red in the company’s logo means power, dignity, passion and passion.

Adidas: The company has had two logos so far. Changing the logo of the company has changed the perspective of three lines, the three lines in which their black and white contradictions give the audience a risk and create a sense of power in the person. In both of the company’s labels, black and white lines were put together to increase the audience’s decision-making power according to the principles of psychology. The classic look of the owners of the company is the design of these three lines, the three lines that have sold a lot in the world. The newest Adidas logo can be likened to the three main courses that they have taken for their work. The logo of the company can be likened to the mountain. That is, people who buy the products of this company have limitations on their choice, which is the company’s best answer.

Polo Ralph Lauren: The company’s logo reflects the history, tradition and customs of America, intelligence, talent and elitism, courage and ability in all areas. The symbol for good use of a well-designed life and has so far been selling in the world. The main colors used on the logo of this black and white company are the brand’s elegance and reputation.

Abercrombie & Fitch: The sixth-largest brand in the brand of the brand name (derived from its two main founders) there is a mouse (deer), and the reason behind the use of the deer in the logo is that the company owns the supercar bomb for young people who are interested in camping in nature and climbing, they have started. The deer is one of the symbols of pristine nature and forest, and for this reason could be a genuine and meaningful brand for this brand.

Tommy Hilfiger: The colors used (red, blue, white) in this logo are exactly the same as the colors of the American flag, and clearly inspires the brand’s American identity. The company was founded in partnership with one of the legendary American designers. Tommy Halfiger is the Dutch founder of this brand.

Versace: It is one of the best Italian fashion and fashion brands that started with the leading Italian designer and became world-famous. The company’s logo includes Medusa. “She was a beautiful maiden with a passionate gizmo because of the sin she committed at Athena, by Athena becoming a monster (Gorgon). “Medusa had the power to make everyone look at his eyes. With the reference and inspiration of this logo, one can combine the classic view with kindness and courage. In fact, it can be said that the use of the Medusa symbol is due to the fact that the brand Versace is so stunning that it takes decision power out of the audience.

Zara: Zara is one of the world’s leading brands. The company is famous for its no-name advertising in the world and yet the most famous and top-selling brand. The logo of the company is very simple and reflects the brand’s supremacy. In fact, the brand, with this simple logo, tries to prove that it produces so powerful products that no longer need to be advertised and excessive. The owners of this brand believe that they are introduced without the need for introduction. This self-confidence and power have created a great international brand.

Armani: Giorgio Armani is the founder of this company, which operates in the field of clothing and other areas such as perfumes. The logo of this company is Eagle, which represents a masterpiece and credibility, while an and g represent elegance.


Investment in UAE

According to the Global Investment Report released by UNCTAD in 2016, the United Arab Emirates is on the list of the largest recipients of foreign direct investment in Asia. Its main investors are the UK, Japan and Hong Kong. After the 2009 recession, the FDI flourished again. In 2015, the United Arab Emirates will attract $ 13 billion (25% increase in 2014), and the country’s political and economic stability has attracted investors from the “Arab Spring” from other countries to the UAE. Much of the FDI’s focus is on hydrocarbon, water and electricity generation.

The strengths of the United Arab Emirates include easy access to oil resources, low energy costs, a desire for diversification in the economy and high purchasing power. The United Arab Emirates ranked 26th among 201 countries in the 2017 trading rank, released by the World Bank.

The absence of direct commercial taxes (except for banks, oil companies and telecom operators) and direct income taxes, currency controls and any restrictions on return on investment, as well as the existence of a solid and profitable banking sector, along with immigrant labor in Emirates is one of the undeniable assets of this country. Its main disadvantage is its small domestic market.

Textile in Turkey

In 2010, Turkey’s textile exports were worth $ 7.7 billion, and the value of its clothing exports was $ 13.3 billion, bringing the total value of the industry to Turkey at $ 21 billion. In 2009, it was also the seventh exporter of textile products and the world’s fourth-largest apparel exporter, accounting for 3.7 percent of global exports. According to statistics and reports by the Turkish Textile Foundation, this country is the second largest global sock producer, the third largest underwear exporter, the fourth largest carpet exporter and the largest producer of denim fabric.


Compliance with International Standards

One of the main advantages of Turkish textile products is that its products meet international ecological standards. The laws of the country prohibit the use of carcinogenic Azo dyes that are carcinogens in garments, but manufacturers in the Far East and Asia still use these materials freely. One of the strengths of this industry is the highly skilled workforce with its adaptive power and entrepreneurship.

But this is one of the weak points of the industry as it has lost the advantage of using cheap labor in recent years. The average wage has doubled in terms of weekly working hours between 1980 and 1996. The country’s wages are four to five times higher than China, India, Thailand and Indonesia. It also boosts energy consumption and investment in comparison to Europe and the United States.

Paying small loans

Until recently, small-scale household factories were a hallmark of the Turkish clothing industry. Many of them performed simple cutting and printing operations without any major design. Some of these businesses were run by women, and the government provided them with a loan opportunity to grow up for small industrial units.

At present, the country has about 180,000 apparel manufacturers and two thousand large-scale textile factories, which are machines and each of them has more than 150 people, with an annual sale of $ 15 million.

Equipment investment

According to the Federation of International Textile Manufacturers in Switzerland (ITMF), Turkey was the second largest investor in knitting machines between 1990 and 2009. The 2009 ITMF International Textile Machinery Facts Report shows that Turkey has invested heavily in textile machinery, especially yarn.

Use of the economic crisis and the rise of exports

Turkey plans to increase its exports to $ 500 billion and become one of the top 10 economies in the world by 2023, which is 2030, the anniversary of the Republic’s centennial. Certainly, the textile and clothing industry plays an important role for Turkey to achieve this goal. The industry has invested more than $ 100 billion in targeted and advanced technologies, which accounted for 25% of export earnings and 11% of national net income.

The government also provides direct employment opportunities for more than two million people. Recent statistics from the Tutsis textile and textile firms show that the textile and clothing industry in the country has grown since the financial crisis. During the period from January to August 2011, exports of textiles increased by 29.59% and clothing exports by 19.13%. The Foundation points out that rising prices and labor shortages in some major producing countries such as China have played an important role in increasing orders for Turkey. In August 2011, textile exports to Europe were higher than usual, with exports growing to 35%, Italy 33%, and England 27%. Export to Brazil was 103 percent, India 62 percent, China 27 percent, and Russia 33 percent. As a result, the Turkish textile and clothing industry will reach $ 80 billion by 2023, with $ 60 billion in garments and the remaining 20 million in textiles.

Re-import the garment with a brand of luxury brand

In 2011, the Turkish government imposed tariffs on imports of clothing and textile products. The purpose of the measure was to protect domestic products, which included an increase of 20% in taxes on several textile products and a 30% increase in clothing prices. In January 2012, these taxes also included import licenses. Along with that government, they set tariffs to improve the situation of less developed regions. These additional impulses meant that apparel and home-grower manufacturers who had already traveled abroad could now build their equipment in Turkey. Along with the cultural and economic growth of the Turkish people, Turkish consumers are increasingly paying attention to the brand every day, and local export products are often re-imported into Turkey and sold under the brand names of foreign brands. Currently, local companies are capturing the Turkish market, but the competition between foreign brands is very high for the Turkish market.


Tips on buying clothing in Dubai

The most important garment manufacturers in Dubai. Chinese Turkish. Bangladeshi Indonesia are Among them, Indian and Chinese garments are cheaper.

  • The main shopping bags are sold in both Ginny and cardboard boxes, which are much cheaper than casual clothing.
  • There are many buildings in the Marshall market that are also at the top of their shops, and most of the major buyers do not know this and they can be found on the floors of higher quality and cheaper items.
  • At the time of purchase, be sure to tell the buyer to check that your desired sex is available from the warehouse.
  • Ask the seller after the payment of the payment request. This stamp means that you have paid all the money for the invoice.
  • Be sure to look at the size you want to buy and ask the seller how big it is.
  • For friends who are going to buy cheap clothes individually, I suggest that you sell at a very low price shop in the marshmallows market where their inventory runs out of stock. These items are sometimes even cheaper than most. These clothes are very suitable for candy and souvenirs.
  • In Dubai, if the number of purchases is more than one kind of sex, the price goes down


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