Choose Dubai for import and export business

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Choose Dubai for import and export business

Before you do import-export business, first you should know that import-export business is the best business model in world not now maybe from thousands years ago and still best and growing, the infrastructure of all business is import and export, means importing something tangible like commodities or even a human workforce, food, fruits, clothes or an raw idea to somewhere else or reverse depend on what you need to import or what they need you export its very clear to understand the basic of import and export business
Import-export is the best business because not everybody has everything, from individuals to big factories and all sectors need something for producing from Food, technology, engineering everything may one person or one factory or country need


Diversity of import and export business

Doing Import-export business in this modern age is more popular and open than before because technology and computer changed not the lifestyle of people but also changed the whole world we are now on moon, now we are living in two world one is on the earth and one is in could… HAHAH
So, the need for raw material and finished Goods is growing and the Goods are asked from importer and exporter are very different and changing every time, so there is unlimited opportunity for doing import and export business, from importing raw materials like oil, construction materials, wool, cotton, fuels, coal and thousands of items for factory usage and million finished goods like clothes and apparel, canned food, medicine and drugs, shoes and accessories, fresh fruits and vegetables for consumers


The scale of import and export industry

The import-export industry now is the largest business in world also the best and most important because we need each other’s source to create things we need to survive in many sectors from food industry to machine and healthcare the size of import and export business is bigger than oceans we must trade with each other and its getting more important and its increasing fast as possible
Everybody can start import export business even at home with basic knowledge no need to have large company with thousands of staff even we at millionpiece first year started door to door city to city with small shipment now we export to more than 40 countries and hundreds of cities in middle east, Asia and Africa without any limit and lots of upcoming customers on regular let me tell you real sample, we had a customer started from 1000$, he bought something like shoes and clothes now he has more than 4 shops in his town after 3 years only and his order is more than 300$K each 2 months for his retails shop and wholesale store and same story with different people, everything depend on your goal and how you want work so there is no limit, the limit is something not more than useless thought in your mind you must break it

What is the best merchandise to start import and export

Choosing the right products is the main stress of work for importer and exporter its simple just look back to your current market you are in and see what people need and its shortage for that goods or materials then make decision to import and what kind of products then start for resourcing and supplying , for sure every country want something to import and have something to export but you have to analysis what people and consumer need now for daily use some time you don’t have it totally or have it its expansive and if you import will more affordable or the there are tons of competition in that sector and not have good profit you have to consider the statics of import and export of your country by yourself first however talk to real people who already in same business

Best import and export investment department
Here is the best and most profitable business subjects recommended for everyone who want to start in small size or high volume with lower risk and also these kinds of merchandises is always on demand and its growing so fast specially in Africans countries and GCC

Branded Ready made garments stock lots
Shoes and Accessories
Healthcare and sanitary products
Cosmetics and beauty products

These are known and daily consumable goods for me and you the buy and sell of these kinds of stuff is billion-dollar turnover and best sector for everybody want to enter to do some business in these categories however each subject have unlimited sub-categories so investing in this area is full of unique and profitable opportunity

Why Choose Dubai for import and export business

Every importer and exporter need at least one country as his/her source country to import their goods or one and more country to export his goods but always there is possible obstacles for importer-exporter
First you should know the language of the country you want import from it for better communication
Secondly you must be present at that country but it may costly or time killer or its very far from your Home
Third the difficulty of importing and tough rules and you may get confused
Speaking with different people, knowing how to do business with the foreigners in overseas and many things looks to be obstacle for many one who want to start business as beginner or already professional business man and working specially in import-export business and want to expand his business

Dubai from 30 years ago up to now and going to be super multi use city in world with many more projects for everyone have a dream and goal in his mind can start his business as easy as possible
Dubai have whatever an entrepreneur, an investors, importers and exporters need in essential to start their business in Dubai or from Dubai, Dubai become the city of trading with largest Free zone and high equipped sea and air cargo with diverse services like shipping companies, clearance companies, airport and whatever you want to do for you business
Dubai is all in one city in world Business and known as Global trading hub and many investors and importer and exporter chose Dubai for business because of business-featured city


Strategic Location: Dubai city located in hearth of middle east in United Arab Emirates country it means you have easy access to Asian Africa and European and CIS countries at same time and is perfect for doing many businesses in one city with many market near you

Safety life and business: the only things destroy the economic and business in one country is crime, non-stable money rates, and politically non- secured these are the key factors for advancement hopefully Dubai is free of them that’s why Dubai is Home of biggest company in world and millions company coming to Dubai to do business in one place with all world

Dubai Free Zones: free zones in Dubai are specified for Tax-free area for who want start business with full ownership in different free zone in Dubai
Sea ports and airports facilities: Dubai have best airports and sea ports for import/export and Re-export of Goods from everywhere to everywhere else in world

Rich in customers: Dubai is the multi national from 200 countries living in single  city it means have huge connections with high potential customers

And many reasons which makes Dubai Top Business Hub in world for all kinds of business to starter and professional investors

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