Successful business with per Kilogram clothes

per kg wholesale clothes 1024x1024 - Successful business with per Kilogram clothes

successful business with per Kilogram clothes


branded stock clothes are provided mostly per pieces not in kg, but there is some cheap Branded clothes that is known for all family members from infant to father and mother its very popular among middle class and lower income consumers, but still high quality branded clothes for less, popular cheap brands clothing line from Europe one of them is Germany LIDL which includes brands JOLINESSE®,ESMARA®,LIVERGY®,PEPPERTS®,NOBEL LEAGUE®, CRIVIT®, LUPILU®  every brands specified for a member of family for example CRIVIT clothes made for sports like bike shoes, cycling wearing, and LUPILU for boys and girls, JOLINESSE are for underwear and so on

KIABI and TATI brand from France one brand for All family from Bra, T-shirts, jacket, dresses, jeans, knitwear to shoes and accessories a million pieces for million people in million colors, styles and range from kiabi and tati of France

These kinds of branded clothes are usually cheaper than high street fashion clothes like Zara, Gucci. Mango and etc, and the stock of them sold by pieces but cheaper brands like lidl and kiabi most popular stocklots among traders around the world due to huge variety sold by KG for easier and faster dealing


Good benefits of per KG stock clothes


kiabi per kg clothes wholesale - Successful business with per Kilogram clothes


Per Kilogram clothing business have some good benefits for retailers and Importer & Exporter

Per kg clothes have more audiences and customers in retail shops because you will get perfect variety in every kg so the consumers are more attracted to take more stuff for their use

The price for per kg clothing is super cheaper for bulk buyer, for wholesaler and for consumer Too

Customers love assorted clothes for their kids and themselves per kg clothes is best option for keeping your customers happy and return to your shop



Most sold per KG clothes brands


The two most popular brands new per KG stock lots clothes are from Lidl and kiabi that have diversity of styles and categories its perfect for beginners and those who have large store for cheap seller to attract huge customers per kg clothes usually includes T-shirts, shirts, knitwear, underwear, denim, jeans, chinos, skirt, gown, sports items and accessories for all ages and sexes and it’s the biggest benefits you will get everything mixed with great assortment for cheap for importer and for retailers there’s tons of benefits  for all consumer you have something to serve It may look you won’t get clothes for not by sized but in every kg included lots of nice high-quality goods

By now per kg stock lots clothes is most popular business among traders and wholesalers in world, best option for those who want to start new business in clothing and apparel recommended start from per KG clothes













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  1. Nufil says:

    required ck, gstar, tommy, superdry, adidas, puma, nike, zara, pulland bear, etc brands mens clothes and shoes

  2. Ajay Bhandari says:

    I am looking to buy men branded clothes in big brands and i sent u the pic of tommy ,ck,hugoboss trunka ,underwears ,what is the price of 500 set ?do u have any whatsapp no ? Please contact with me 00919779979481

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