Why people love brands

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Why people love brands

In world of today’s industry everyone wants to be seen if they want to sell more and professionally every single business and products or even individuals want to sell, first must sell himself or his brand to show its unique and power to consumer

It’s natural that people have this desire in Themselves to be unique and feel special in everything wearing luxury, eating well, have an exclusive personal accessory and whatever add specially feeling to themselves, so the branding term born and brand designers create something special for who want to feel special among another peer

We had many designers in the past 200 years ago and still active but the thing is how they affect the market and consumer we have many brands with 200 years experience still active but everybody doesn’t know it well but have many new brands less than 50 years everyone knows it

branding in any industry bring loyalty, confidence and trust with itself and its key future for founder to penetrate the market and inject his product through branding


What people think about brand?

People mean you and me which in industry we are known as a customer what is important for customer? For sure Good service and reliability that enough for consumer

The backbone of brand must be made of reliability and credit otherwise brand will fail, hopefully most of fashion designers, car designers, accessories and electronics follow people needs and its win win game for both seller and consumer


Popularity and flexibility of brand

Brands made for people, Right??? Again, it depends on people for example if you look in street you would see SUVs car it become very popular among people these days, introduced by midsize designer but even luxury brands to satisfy their consumer broke the rules and convinced to make SUVs for their customer

So, people most of time don’t go for only brands that is only brand and nothing more it means you can’t convince people to use something they ae not feel good or eat something which is not their favorite taste or ride a luxury car which not comfortable people go towards things which is comfortable in most case and preferably brand

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