How to start stock lots business

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How to start stock lots business?

Every year hundred thousand of people from beginning of new year make this decision to start some business but don’t know how to start or what to do, some people have just a raw idea some have a budget or some skills that they want to turn it into business and finally money also, there is lots of big company and investor interested to invest in something good

There is many business plan and model out there to run depend on individuals or company the most important thing is have a at least self-motivation the rest is excuse and nothing more, so everything back to you and your goal in business life lets open your mind and give you some idea for what you can do with stock lots business 


Stock lots business is ocean of opportunity for everybody want start business in this field with unlimited things to do specially for beginners want to start small size trading in their home


Most popular business you can start with stock lots

Opening outlets and start selling branded dresses, shoes, accessories for kids, women and men for less prices

Importing Grade A quality stock textile for producing all kinds of Garments and doing wholesale

Importing stock original cosmetics and run beauty shops or sale it online

Importing all kinds of households for cheaper price than factory

And tons of idea it can be done with stock goods for beginners and professionals without limit


The pros and cons of stock lots business


  • In stock lots business you will get every piece unique and special with huge variety
  • The price you purchase in bulk its lower than fresh one still perfect in conditions same as fresh
  • You can buy stuff that easily can’t be found or not sold in bulk to everybody but in stock yes
  • For those who run large store its big benefits to have huge variety of all items, original and lower price than official
  • You buy original stock for low price and sale it for high price in retails
  • Buyer can choose any brands and any stock from shoes, dresses, t-shirts, to cars and tools


  • You won’t get goods like shoes, clothes, accessories for sized, usually only 60% of goods you will get by size but without damaged
  • Bulk buyer can’t choose by himself option for example a pallet of stock dishes contains 500 pcs small to big pieces all must take in most cases !!!!!

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