What is stock lots business

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What is stock lots business?

Stock lots is kind of business that stocked goods are bought and sold in huge quantity with lower original’s price that can be all kinds of clothing, apparel, textile, shoes, raw materials, tools, households, and so many things which usually coming from different sources like over productions, customer return, bankrupt, factory rejection, surplus etc.,

For example, big factories that they produce T-shirts they use huge quantity of textile for making t-shirts for big brands as their order, its normal in factory thousands of t-shirts damaged or have some little defect or totally wrong Sewing or extra textile will be there so factories sale these kinds of surplus with lower price but in huge quantity sometimes hundreds of thousands of items together

Or another good example of stock source is chain store or big brands like inditex brands, bestseller they have million articles from clothes, to accessories which coming from rejected customer, damaged, end season or by any reason returned to store


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Where these stock lots Go?

There Are many big companies in this industry that they are in contract with factories, stores, branches they buy huge quantity of surplus from them good or damaged, well or bad altogether and brought to warehouse for repacking or reproducing and customize making


How stock lots are prepared?

After stock lots collected and shipped to warehouse its usually mixed, for exporting must be segregated in best way, damaged one removed, sometimes repaired or re-packed for re-exporting to final destinations Goods usually prepared in pallets or big jumbo box 100kgs to 150kgs for easy movements


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Where stock lots exported?

Stock goods from clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, apparels, tools, car parts, raw materials and thousands of items from different sources from shops to big factories become surplus from other side there is lots of factory and retailer, dealers, wholesaler and other agencies need these goods for reproducing or reselling in their shops and outlets or online sale which is HOT these days, which they are high quality, original and very low price and its High profit business for who want to start these kinds of business


Biggest supplier of stocklots in world?

there is no any specific big or small supplier in world actually it depends on requirements and availability of Goods majority depend on what you are looking for and what kind of merchandise you must search for right place for example Europe is the number one in supplying branded clothing and apparels


Biggest buyer of stocklots in world?

again every country and individuals is seller and buyer in specifics fields like clothing, households, Tools but its shows that in these years stocklots business is growing and many trader inetrested to import High quality goods and resale it for good profits Russian GCC and African countries is the main importer of original branded stocklots from Europe

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